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Anna Callaghan, Head of Domestic Abuse Services
Anna is responsible for our domestic abuse service Bridging to Change, which includes our Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programme, Integrated Woman’s Support service and our Children and Young People’s Service as well as our Striving for Change Programme. Anna also sits on Stockport’s Alliance for Positive Relationships’ management team.

Clare Prendergast, Supervisor and Media Representative
Clare is a relationship counsellor, sex therapist and qualified supervisor. She supervises several of our counsellors at TLC: Talk, Listen, Change. She also responds to any media enquiries we have and has a regular slot on BBC Radio Manchester.

Jessica Francis, Head of Development
Jessica oversees the development team at TLC: Talk, Listen, Change. This involves bidding and fundraising as well as developing new projects and services, often in partnership with other organisations. With a diverse background including environmental management and homelessness, Jessica has managed and delivered on a wide range of publicly funded programmes and is committed to promoting emotional resilience and mental health support.

Lorraine O’Brien, Supervisor
Lorraine is one of our Clinical Supervisors. She is responsible for supporting Counsellors with their case management, ensuring that counsellors work safely and effectively within their skills and capabilities.  

Marian Mallery, Head of Business Service
Marian is responsible for managing the business and administration functions within TLC: Talk, Listen, Change.

Michelle Hill, Chief Executive Officer
Michelle has 16 years experience of working in the voluntary sector.
Michelle is passionate about supporting stronger relationships, tackling domestic abuse and encouraging healthy family life. She strongly believes that charities like TLC: Talk, Listen, Change have a unique role to play in the development of creative, flexible services within the community and that this can be best achieved through forming collaborative partnerships with other agencies locally and nationally.

Michelle is a Clore Social Fellow 2017.

Michelle sits on the Leadership Team for the Stockport Targeted Prevention Alliance and the Stockport Alliance for Positive Relationships.

Paige Hughes, Marketing Officer
Paige is responsible for Marketing & Communications at TLC: Talk, Listen, Change, which includes managing the social media, offline materials, media and events and assisting the Head of Development with innovation opportunities. She has over 4 years experience in the third sector, predominantly working for smaller charities that focus on health, wellbeing and service delivery.

Polly Sangar, Supervisor and Counsellor
Polly is a relationship counsellor and supervisor at TLC: Talk, Listen, Change. She works with individuals, couples, families and young people as well as providing clinical supervision to counsellors working in these areas. She is also a member of the TLC media team and represents TLC as part of the LGBT Cancer Support Alliance. 

Victoria Hill, Family Mediator
Victoria runs our Family Mediation service, through which separated or separating couples can make arrangements for their children and finances.


346 Chester Road,
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0161 872 1100


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