Purpose, Ethos & Of Course... Why Us?

We want to support you, your family, your friends, your colleagues and your community.

TLC: Talk, Listen, Change exists to support you, your family, your friends, your colleagues and your community.

Our mission?

To help build healthy and happy relationships in all areas of people's lives.

"Our vision is of a society where people enjoy good emotional wellbeing and personal resilience; supported by positive relationships."
Michelle Hill - CEO

Who are you and what do you do?

TLC: Talk, Listen, Change is a relationships charity. We work across Greater Manchester to deliver a range of services which help support safe, healthy, happy relationships. 

We have an experienced and dedicated team who work to support every type of relationship. We can help you to have a better relationship with yourself, with your partner, previous partner, between families, friends, school, an employer or within your community. 

Why choose us?

We are a reputable, experienced and innovative organisation with over 30 years' experience in relationship support. We have doubled in size in just 3 years, expanding our services to deliver what real people and real communities need. But hey, we know that's not everything right? That's okay, we've got the rest covered too...

The Stats

We support 3,768 people every year, delivering 13,517 sessions of support

From accessing our services, the reports returned to us showed...

  • 96% who have used our service would use it again and 94% would recommend us 
  • 82% improvements in emotional well-being
  • 91% improved relationships within the family unit
  • 100% of families feel less isolated
  • Increased safety for women and children who experience domestic abuse
  • Increased numbers of men motivated to accept responsibility for and change their behaviour
  • 211% reduction on Police call-outs for incidents of domestic unrest

And not forgetting...

  • Our organisation is officially accredited with the BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy)
  • We are one of 14 UK sites to be RESPECT accredited. 
  • Counsellors receive professional supervision on a regular basis
  • We are officially registered with the Counselling Directory
  • Integrated support – referrals to appropriate agencies & internal pathways giving you access to multiple services that can support you further
  • Security of an officially registered charity with multiple sector memberships, partners and adherance to the Charity Governance Code.
  • An appointment every week guaranteed and reserved for you
  • Flexible payment options - as a charity we offer a "sliding scale" approach to paying for our services, ensuring you're paying what is comfortable for you. 

Plus: We are here to be inclusive and remove barriers to accessing support, so, we never turn anyone away.

Request an appointment

Who can contact TLC: Talk, Listen, Change?

We work with people regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, beliefs or ethnicity. You can approach us directly or can be referred by a professional you are already engaging with.

All people who contact us are treated with equal respect and supported in a non-judgemental way. We can tailor support according to what you most want to achieve and the way in which you want to engage with us.


Accessibility Strategy:

At Talk Listen Change we want everyone to be able to use our services, and to make services available to anyone who wants them. We are aware though, that some people and groups may have more barriers to obtaining services than others.

We do have ground floor access and counselling/meeting rooms in both our main centres, with accessible toilets and parking, and some counsellors have additional languages that may facilitate clients, however we are working on other limitations, and are keen to have any limitations you may perceive about us brought to our attention.

If you notice a problem with accessing our services, please do let us know and we will work to overcome this. If you would like more information about this, please ask our staff, call us or e-mail us.


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