Counselling gives you time to talk to someone who will listen, offer support and will not judge you.

Counselling provides a caring and confidential environment where you can talk over problems and think about ways to approach them. We work with people regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, beliefs, disability or ethnicity.

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What sort of issues can counselling with us help with?

  • Coming to terms with a relationship breakdown or losing someone important to you.
  • Personal issues you are facing within any of your relationships be it your current partner, former partner, family member, friend or employer
  • Worries about redundancy or stress in work.
  • Supporting you in your relationship with yourself, helping you to feel happier with who you are.
  • Improving your relationships by working out better ways to communicate.
  • Dealing with changes in people’s lives, like having children or living with a long-term illness.

We welcome people whether you are experiencing new issues, ongoing problems, past difficulties, or just need a little support.

We also offer counselling to those affected by cancer at our Manchester and Stockport Centres, Wythenshawe hospital and the MRI. If you were interested in this service, please mention this when filling in our booking form, or call us directly to discuss further.

"This was my first experience of counselling and I have found it extremely beneficial."
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Why choose us?

We understand that choosing to attend counselling can be a big decision to make for some people, so finding the right service is key. We are incredibly experienced, professional and reliable, but if you want to know more about us, our ethos and our experience, please read below.

About Us

What happens when you request an appointment?

The quickest way to book an appointment with us is through our online booking form.

A member of our team will then contact you within 2 working days, only at a time convenient for you, to offer you an initial appointment. They may have some questions which can tell us more about you and what you need.

1. Initial Consultation
You will be offered an initial appointment within 10 days of contacting us, to be seen by an experienced counsellor at one of our offices. This is a one-off appointment to learn more about you, your situation and your needs to enable us to offer you the right support.

2. Ongoing Sessions
Following your initial consultation, if you decide to have ongoing counselling with us, the reception team will be informed. We will look for an appointment to suit the requirements you provided and will contact you with an appointment to meet you requirements as soon as there is one available.

When will an ongoing appointment be available?

How soon you are able to have ongoing counselling with us will depend on a range of factors. The wider your availability in terms of days, times and locations, the sooner we will be able to book you in. However, if you have smaller windows of which you can attend, it may take longer to book you in.

If you are wanting to attend at a time which is fairly popular, you will be placed on a waiting list and contacted when the appointment becomes available.

We estimate that most clients work with us for between 4-6 sessions. Sometimes clients are finished sooner, however due to the nature of our work, we prioritise the emotional well being of our clients and provide them with additional sessions should they require them.

You can work with us for a short time or over the longer term. Our door is always open.

"Thank you for being so kind and encouraging. This has been the most productive counselling therapy I have ever had."
Client Quote

Cost of counselling

The average cost of a session is £50. However, we aim to support everybody who comes to us for help and can offer reduced rates if you’re unable to afford the full price. Read more about how our pricing structure works here.

Tools to Help

Sometimes people don't feel ready for counselling, or ask us what tools are available that can help them.

We've teamed up with People Diversity to provide those interested in working with TLC, access to professional and detailed personality profiling at much lower charity rate. You can select from a range of different assessments and answer questions, which will inform a report at the end. It can provide a practical and positive framework for exploring personality and individual differences and is a useful tool for decision-making and development.

We encourage individuals, couples and families to use this tool for self-empowerment, self-reflection and to learn more about themselves and how they work. It can also be very useful when improving communication with your partner or other relationships you may have - enabling you to understand yourself better and look at the personality profiling of others.

You can access this before, during or after your counselling appointments and we welcome you to bring your profile report with you, to discuss with your counsellor in more detail.

Try People Profiling

Or, if you feel ready to book in, just click below.

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