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Families can be complicated!

No family is perfect. It is normal for issues to come up.

Whether your family are going through a difficult time right now, or would like support to address unresolved issues, we have services that can help.

You may be dealing with separation, adapting to big life changes or transitions, or you may be struggling with communication and how you work together.

We understand the complexities and we’d love to work with you on finding a way through.

Our services are all focused on enabling people to have safe, healthy and happy relationships. 

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  • 22,000+

    sessions delivered

  • 79%

    of adults reported improved emotional wellbeing

  • 64%

    decrease in young people's stress

  • 92%

    found our services helpful


For adults going through a separation, to help everyone move forward amicably

Domestic Abuse

Learn about our whole-family approach to domestic abuse and services available

What do the people we work with say?

“I think the exercises that gave examples of other families helped me to see my own situation more clearly as it took emotions away from my own situation and prompted an objective view.” - Ju, 43

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