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We have now adapted all our services to be delivered digitally. Delivering our services to you is our number one priority and we fully intend to continue to do this, particularly in such a difficult and uncertain time.

Our approach & all information can be found on the link below. This will be updated regularly.

Covid-19 Info


A new layout for
campaign landing pages.

This is a new type of campaign landing page, that can be used with updated content to deliver new campaigns. It is built primarily from modules tied together by their menu item placement, which we're going to demonstrate now.

The first area we have been working on is the page title, intro text, and ensuring the contact form is displayed correctly.

We will then look at how to populate the body content, including this text, the promotional boxes to the right (if we want them), stats modules, and the 'Our Story' section.

You can also use existing shortcodes to insert content such as videos and imagery into this section, and by not including promotional boxes, this section will remain full-width.

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