Mediation: Frequently asked questions

What might you need to know?

Mediation can help you and your family to have safe and honest discussions, better understand legal proceedings and move forward with your arrangements.  


Can our children be involved in the process?

Research shows that children greatly benefit from having a voice if their parents are separating. We offer Child Inclusive Mediation, which gives children the chance to meet the Mediator and talk about their feelings and what they might want. If you are interested in this, please discuss with your Mediator at your first appointment.


Is Mediation cheaper than court?

If you are paying privately for Mediation the cost for your initial appointment is £100 and each joint session is £150. Comparatively, if you go through a contested court case with a solicitor your average fees will be between £4000 and £9000. 

It is unfortunately the case that attending at court can also cost people in other ways. It is a stressful and slow process, often costing parents the ability to amicably communicate in the future and delaying arrangements being made for the children.


Is it confidential?

Mediation is private and confidential. Names and contact information will not be given to any individuals or organisations, unless we have reason to believe that someone, particularly a child, is at risk of harm. 


What if I’m not sure what I need?

Don’t worry. We work with people in a wide variety of challenging situations every day and know how complicated life can be. We’ll take the time to listen and get to know you. If you’re not sure about meeting or speaking with someone yet, we can email or post information and you can contact us in your own time. Our door is always open.


Who can contact our family Mediation team?

We work with everyone. You can call us for yourself or seek advice for someone else. 


What if I want to go to court?

You are not able to apply to court without trying Mediation first. To do this you need to attend an initial meeting alone with a Mediator. We are then able to complete a form which will allow you to make an application to court. Mediation is voluntary so you do not have to attend joint sessions if you do not wish to. 


Can I get Legal Aid?

Legal Aid is available for Mediation if you receive certain benefits or are on a low income. If you qualify for Legal Aid there will be no charge to attend any of your appointments. If your former partner qualifies for Legal Aid this will cover your initial meeting with a Mediator and one joint session.  Legal Aid is not available for court proceedings except for care cases or where you are able to prove domestic abuse. 

Feel free to ring us for more information about Legal Aid and we will discuss whether you are likely to qualify and clearly explain how you apply for this with us. 

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