Group Therapy for Couples

A new approach for couples who are experiencing sexual difficulties.

A new approach for couples who are experiencing sexual difficulties.

Most of us will have an issue with sex at some point, whether that’s about our connection to our own bodies or having sex with other people.

In group sessions, participants can share learning with other couples facing similar challenges.


What is group therapy?

Group therapy is designed for couples experiencing a disconnect in their levels of desire or finding that their sex life has diminished since they first got together.

This is a unique opportunity to join a small group led by two experienced sex therapists using material based on the work of Dr Peggy Kleinplatz at Ottawa University in Canada. Groups have been running successfully in the USA and Canada for several years.


Benefits of group therapy

For some people a group approach is really helpful because more people are involved, with each individual and couple bringing their own perspective on shared difficulties.

There will be 4 or 5 other couples participating; how much you contribute is up to you and there is no pressure to share things unless you want to. Just listening to how other people deal with these issues is helpful.


Things we cover:

  • Giving time and attention to all parts of your relationship
  • Learning from the experience of other couples who have found the keys to desire and a fulfilling sex life
  • Creating an environment with your partner that allows for greater intimacy
  • Learning to notice our own bodies and sensations and what gives us pleasure
  • Understanding the power of kindness and how to resolve conflict in a way that creates connection
  • Allowing time to reflect on messages about our bodies and sexuality that we may not have considered before

The sessions will be run by two sex and relationships therapists – one male facilitator, and one female facilitator.

Both our facilitators have significant experience in delivering sex therapy to couples and have advanced training in issues relating to intimacy.

No. Other than the facilitators and the other participants, nobody will be informed you’re attending.

This is designed, like all our services, to be a confidential space. All participating couples will agree to respect the privacy of those participating.

At the moment, this group work is exclusively for couples.

If you wanted individual support with your sex life, please look into our Sex Therapy service.

The groups run every week, for 2 hours.

Each 2 hour group session costs £30 per couple.

You can pay upfront, or pay per session.

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