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Helping more people than ever enjoy safe, healthy and happy relationships.

This year, we’ve helped more people than ever enjoy safe, healthy and happy relationships.

We’re proud to present our 2022-23 Annual Report, featuring our accomplishments and our plans for the future, as we continue to grow and support people across the country with their relationship issues.

The past year has been a transformational one for TLC. A celebration of five years as an independent charity enabled us to refresh our organisation values and commemorate our 2023 achievements.

We experienced huge growth internally, in terms of the number of people we employ, and externally, in terms of the geographical reach we have and the number of individuals we support.

We expanded our behaviour change services outside of Greater Manchester and developed a new programme to address the specific needs of people who identify as LGBTQIA+.

We continued to re-navigate service provision in the post-pandemic world, embracing a newfound flexibility that better suits the needs of our staff and our communities.

We retained our commitment to affordable care during a cost-of-living crisis, and provided mediation services to a great proportion of separated couples using Legal Aid.

We received a record number of referrals to our Children and Young People’s Services, with 84% more counselling engagement than last year.

We recruited four new trustees and two trainee trustees from a diverse range of backgrounds to ensure we maintain our equality and inclusivity-driven objectives going forward.

Annual Report

We’d love for you to read more about what we’ve done and where we’re heading. Click below for our full 2022-23 Annual Report.

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  • 6.5k

    counselling sessioned delivered to adults

    81% left feeling emotionally better

  • 2.5k

    counselling sessions delivered to young people

    84% more children engaged with counselling in 2022 than last year

  • 145

    total staff members

    51% of our staff engage with our staff networks

  • 472

    referrals into the mediation service

    66% achieved resolution outside of court

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"When relationships are strong and supportive, individuals are more likely to have higher levels of happiness, lower levels of stress, and better physical health. They are more likely to have stronger social connections and a greater sense of community. Healthy relationships have a positive impact on children, leading to positive mental health outcomes, better academic performance and stronger social skills. Relationship support has a positive impact on the economy; when individuals have healthy relationships, they are more likely to have stable employment and financial stability, leading to increased productivity and economic growth."

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