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You’ve perhaps journeyed around our site and read a little about us. You might already know us and want to get more involved. Either way – we’d love your support.


Whether you are approaching supporting TLC as an individual, as a small business or as a part of a larger company – there is always a way we can work together.


We have boasted proud sponsors such as Shoosmiths to host an unforgettable Birthday Ball.

Partnered with Banc, our neighbours and now friends, to deliver counselling as part of their employee wellbeing package.

And even sipped on a cocktail named in our honour at Victoria Warehouse.


Working with TLC has been great!

"Our colleagues know how important we take people's health and wellbeing - having the counselling benefit is very reassuring for them." - Banc

Workplace Counselling

Corporate Partnerships

There is so much to be gained from the right partnership. We look for corporate partners who share our values, truly want to make a difference and are willing to develop a balanced and mutually respectful relationship with us. For a discussion with us about partnership opportunities, please contact Emily Williams, our Head of Development at [email protected]


We love hosting events, just as much as you love attending them! To make events-to-remember we often rely on the help of our supporters. Could you sponsor the event? Buy a table? Donate a raffle prize? Spread the word on social media? Check back to keep an eye on events we're a part of.


Can I pledge a donation?

Using JustGiving we are able to process one-off and monthly contributions to the running of our charity.


Finding the right corporate sponsor for our 2018 Birthday Ball

KAPOW 2019!

Our KAPOW 2019 fundraiser including superheros, foam and more