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We are a leading relationships charity, offering a range of support to individuals, couples, families and communities.

How we support people

Relationships can be exciting, surprising, invigorating and life-affirming.

But they can also bring challenge and heartache.

If you’ve been though a break up, family problems, the loss of a loved one, trauma, faced a big life event or are finding relationships hard – this can affect how you feel about yourself. It can contribute to worsening mental health and issues like anxiety and depression. 

At TLC: Talk, Listen, Change we believe that when life gets tough, good relationships can help us feel stronger and more able to cope.  

So – we deliver a wide range of services designed to help people have safe, healthy and happy relationships . 

How can we support you?

We believe that all relationships are important.

Relationships with your partner or ex-partner/s, family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and even the connection you have with yourself.  These all matter and can influence your mental wellbeing.

We believe everyone should always feel safe in their relationships.

People deserve to be able to make their own choices and not live in fear of anyone around them.

We believe everyone needs relationships that make them feel comfortable and respected.

People deserve to be able to connect with others and talk openly about how they feel.

Last but not least, of course no relationship is perfect but there should be moments of joy.

People deserve to share their lives with others, build community and connect with those around them.

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