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From small acorns grow mighty oaks.

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From small acorns grow mighty oaks.

We offer support to everyone young and old, and host a range of counselling and therapeutic services tailored specifically to the needs of children and young people.


What issues do we work with?

If you’re working with, or responsible for, a child or young person who is having a challenging time — we can help.

We support young people who are struggling in school, having issues with their self-confidence and identity, or adapting to transitions within their lives such as changing family dynamics.

We have expertise in working with young people who need additional support to develop healthy relationships with others.

We also work with young people who have witnessed domestic abuse or may be exhibiting unhealthy behaviours in their relationships with parents, carers, siblings and friends.

“I’ve gotten closer with my parents and I can calm down better in situations. You will get used to the programme and it’s fun to learn more stuff.”

How can we help?

Our services are all designed to help children and young people develop safe, healthy and happy relationships both now and in the future.

We provide Children and Young People’s Counselling services for young people dealing with mental health and anxiety issues, bullying, identity issues, self-confidence issues, problems at school, family transitions, adoption, fostering and a range of other matters. Our children and young people’s counsellors are trained and experienced in supporting people within this specific age group.

If you work at a school or in education provision, we provide Schools Counselling services, where students can conveniently and discretely pop in for an appointment at their place of education.

We offer Young People’s Programmes for young people displaying unhealthy behaviours towards parents, carers, siblings or friends.

We also offer Children and Young People’s Support for young people who have witnessed domestic abuse.

You can refer your child or a child you are caring for to some of these programmes yourself. Check the links below for more information.

Schools Counselling

Accessible and discrete counselling at a young person's place of education.

What do young people we've worked with say?

"It's helped me to challenge and manage my negative thoughts and feeling. I have learnt to be much more positive and present, and now I think more logically and rationally about things I would normally get very worried about. This has helped me start to reduce my social anxiety and related eating disorder, which is what I wanted to achieve ahead of leaving home to go to university."

  • 2400

    childrens counselling sessions delivered

  • 800

    young people refered to us for help with unhealthy relationships

  • 84%

    increase in engagement for childrens counselling

  • 30

    youth groups across 8 Greater Manchester boroughs established

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