Children and Young People’s Counselling

A space for young people to work things through in their own time.

A space for young people to work things through in their own time.

If you know a young person who has a complex and turbulent life, or just needs someone to talk to, counselling can help.

As with our adult counselling services, we provide talking therapies for young people who may be experiencing anxiety, depression, or any number of mental or physical health issues.

Counselling provides young people with a space to express their thoughts and feelings without the pressure of having to present a certain way to friends, parents and teachers.

Our qualified professionals help young people work through problems openly and honestly, treating them as equal rather than simply children.


Why choose young people’s counselling?

We have practitioners specifically experienced in working with young people. Our counsellors are properly trained in supporting young people to work through problems they are facing.

Our counsellors never tell young people what to do or talk down to them. They create a safe space for sharing thoughts and experiences, listening to each young person they work with, and helping them better understand themselves.

It felt like someone was holding my hand when I was desperate.
- Jay (15)
What kind of issues can you help with?

Young people are referred to us in order to help tackle all sorts of issues. The young people we see may not have specific mental or physical problems, but just need someone to talk to. Some of the issues young people come to us with include:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Difficulties in their relationships with family or friends
  • Struggling to focus and pay attention
  • Feeling ‘out of place’
  • Problems at school, such as feeling pressure or worrying about the future
  • Being bullied or bullying others
  • Not feeling confident or self-assured
  • Family changes such as parents separating or new additions to the family
  • Existing within the social care system
  • Coping with grief or loss


What kind of counselling do you offer?

There are many different approaches to counselling. You can read about them here.

Most of our counsellors are integrative therapists, which means they draw from different approaches depending on the needs of the person they work with. Our counsellors shape their sessions based on the unique circumstances of the person they work with.

Our children and young people’s counsellors have completed additional training to support young people at different stages in their development. They’re also trained to utilise play therapy, art therapy and other creative practices during sessions.

Our counsellors also have access to wide range of expertise through our other TLC departments and services. This includes issues such as domestic abuse, separation support and community support. Our staff share professional skills, tools and techniques while respecting the confidentiality of each person they work with.

We offer our counselling services to all young people aged 11 – 18.

There will be an introductory where our counsellors gets to know more about the young person they are working with. They will discuss what help the young person needs and answer any questions they have.

If both parties feel counselling is suitable, the young person will be offered ongoing sessions at the same time and on the same day each week. The young person will always see the same counsellor to build a good relationship.

During ongoing sessions, the young person will explore what they’re going through in more detail and work with their counsellor to find solutions.

No. Confidentiality is always our priority regardless of the age of the person we work with.

Parents and carers cannot request information about what is discussed during children and young people’s counselling sessions.

It’s important that the young person feels safe and knows that anything they say will be just between them and their counsellor.

The only time anyone else will be told what’s been said is if we have an urgent or serious concern about the health or safety of the young person or somebody else.

We offer sessions of funded counselling.

The number of free sessions you receive will depend on your circumstances, and on the funding available which covers any costs.

Many people do not feel the need to continue after 10 sessions.

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Please note we are no longer accepting paid-for counselling enquiries. But these will be available soon through our subsidiary Now You’re Talking, launching April 1st.

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