Children and Young People’s Support

Support for children and young people who have witnessed domestic abuse.

Support for children and young people who have witnessed domestic abuse.

Witnessing domestic abuse can have a profound yet sometimes invisible impact on children and young people.

Supporting the families of those completing our behaviour change programmes is therefore a key part of our work.


We work alongside children and young people to help them process what they’ve been through, make sense of their experiences and learn how to build healthy relationships in the future.


How does it work?

We offer support to all children / young people (aged 5-18) whose parent, carer or sibling is taking part in one of our domestic abuse behaviour change programmes.

Accessing this support is voluntary – it is completely the decision of the child / young person (and/or  parent/carer where appropriate) as to whether they take part. The offer will always be there, so even if they decline the service at first, the child or young person can change their mind at any point.

We also give support to partners and ex-partners – further information is here.


Our offer

We offer two services that support children and young people who have been affected by domestic abuse – counselling and youth groups. 



This is a form of talking therapy, delivered one-to-one by a trained Counsellor. Counselling creates a safe and non-judgemental space for the child or young person to talk about their experiences, so they can start to process them.  

The children just love having that one-to-one, quality hour with an adult that will listen, accept and not judge them. We can do creative arts, play therapy, talking therapy. It’s completely child-led.
Nafeesa, Children & Young People's Counsellor


Youth Groups

Our youth groups are a fantastic way for children and young people to just be kids, try new things and have fun. Our experienced youth workers provide activities, games and days out with the young people which allow them to make friends with young people who are going through similar things. It allows young people to develop their self-esteem, confidence and creativity. 

I like to show them that there is a future outside of what they’ve experienced. We show them they can have fun, try new things and see there’s something different and more positive ahead of them.
Hollie, Youth Worker

Young people aged 5-14, who have a parent or sibling on one our behaviour change programmes. 

Yes. Some young people have counselling and join our youth group, others just attend one or the other. We can be flexible and will do whatever feels best for the young person. 

Yes. Please contact us to make arrangements for your child to join us.

Yes. We offer various programmes to children and young people to help them have healthy relationships with others, learn more here.

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Can we help?

If you, your partner, or ex-partner is on one of our programmes, your child can start counselling or join our youth groups at any time.

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Partner Support

Support for the partners / ex-partners of programme participants