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A big one is to sign up to our mailing list. It may  appear to be a small thing to you, but for us it means we can reach a wider network of people and raise awareness of the support we can offer. It also gives us the opportunity to show some of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ stories of running TLC and working within our mission.


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Bring your practical skills, talents and expertise! We run a number of volunteering programmes and we’d love to welcome you in.


Volunteers at 'Stay and Play' sessions

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Social media is a great one. We appreciate your mentions, suggestions of organisations, news and features of relevance to our work.

The bigger our networks, the greater our potential for impact. Help us grow by linking other like-minded people to us.

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We are active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linked In. Please connect with us, follow and tag us on your platform of choice!

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If you prefer to pledge funds to the charities you support

KAPOW event

Superheros, Foam & More: Our KAPOW 2019 Fundraiser


Want to take on a personal challenge? Or have a group of team mates up for fundraising?