Our Approach

Safe, healthy and happy relationships are the bedrock of good emotional wellbeing.

Our Impact

We believe that safe, healthy and happy relationships are the bedrock of good emotional wellbeing.

We strive for everyone within our reach to enjoy personal resilience and benefit from positive relationships.

Over our 40-year history, we’ve helped thousand of adults, children and families. As our organisation continues to grow, we aim to expand our reach across the whole of England and extend support to even more people.

To ensure we remain grounded in our mission, we have developed three working principles.

The relationship you build with yourself is just as important as the ones you build with other people. It’s important to check in with yourself and ensure that your own head is a comfortable and safe space.

We offer several one-to-one individual programmes, including counselling and behaviour change, and most of our group or partner work begins with initial individual appointments.

Everyone has a unique set of life experiences that have shaped who they are. We emphasise the importance of showing compassion to yourself.

The way you feel now doesn’t have to be the way you feel forever. Similarly, habits and behaviours that you’ve learned and become accustomed to can be changed with concerted effort.

Our practitioners specialise in helping people change how they think, feel, and react to certain circumstances. We support people to come to agreements and understandings with the people they love.

If you have caused someone harm, we can help you reflect on why you chose to do it, and challenge and support you to become a better person.

We have and always will centre people who have been harmed, suffered from domestic abuse, or witnessed violence. While we aim to help people who have harmed change, it’s our priority to tend to the emotional needs of those that have suffered.

We take a holistic approach when dealing with cases of domestic abuse. For anyone who attends a behaviour change programme, their partners and ex-partners are provided with integrated support.

Only by taking such an approach can we end cycles of abuse.

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