Our Approach

What sets us apart and what we believe

We believe that everyone deserves to have a circle of safe, healthy, happy relationships around them.


We have supported thousands of adults, children and young people to work on their relationships with themselves and with others.


We believe everyone has strengths

No two people are the same. Each person carries with them a unique set of qualities and life experiences, some of which are great, some not so great. None of us are perfect!

But it is our belief that everyone has strengths, no matter how hidden away they may sometimes feel.

We aim to empower people to find or rediscover what’s good about them, connect with others and change things for the better.


We believe good relationships can be powerful

We believe that strong and positive relationships can make a huge difference, particularly when people are struggling. Whatever a person’s circle of support looks like; family, chosen family, friends, partners or like-minded people in their community – all of these have an impact on personal wellbeing.


We believe in directly addressing abuse in relationships

We work alongside people who behave in an unsafe and unhealthy way in their relationships, challenging and supporting them to change.

When we do this, we always offer support to those affected, putting their safety at the centre of everything we do.

How we approach domestic abuse

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How our services have improved the wellbeing and relationships of individuals, couples, families and communities

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