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Mini Brand Handbook    

Brand Guidelines   


Material Creation Process 

Below is the process by which the Marketing and Communications Team will create material for sign off. This will help us to ensure we are: 

  • Abiding by brand guidelines 
  • Not missing anything off the work i.e. a key logo / contact numbers 
  • Proof-reading with a keen eye to reduce spelling and grammatical errors 

 All material must be ordered through the online Material Request Form.  

The marketing team should only accept requests outside of this form under specific circumstances, for example – when the deadline for the material is within a few days or when requested by a member of SLT or the CEO. 

Only heads of department, senior managers or project leads can sign off on material for their respective services.  

 The production and sign-off process is as follows: 

  1. Material request form is submitted: Form will be processed within 1-2 working days by the Marketing Manager. 

  2. Brief written by the Marketing Manager (if required), or just the form itself will be passed on to the Design and Marketing Assistant.

  3. The Design and Marketing Assistant will schedule in the design to meet the deadlines requested on the form and enter the piece of work into the Material Request Spreadsheet. 

    Should we require additional information from the project lead, or need to amend the deadlines, we will be in touch with the project lead directly to negotiate this 

  4. First draft (V1) is sent to the Marketing and Communications Manager, who will proof-read the work within a suitable time frame and write any amendments on the document itself. 

    Please note: Should the material be a new piece of material, i.e. there has not been any form of design, branding or copy written for this before, the process is: on this step, the Design and Marketing Assistant will send the design to both the Marketing & Communications Manager and the Head of Development to send back their amendments. 

  5. Design and Marketing Assistant will send (V1) with the Marketing and Communications Manager’s amendments to the team member who requested the material. This will allow the project lead to see the amendments that the Marketing Manager is suggesting and add their own on, if required. Design and Marketing Assistant with cc’in the Marketing Manager and give the project lead a clear deadline for one round of amendments. 

  6. When the amendments come back, the Design and Marketing Assistant will make these, send to the project lead and will upload the new piece of material to the Content Library. 

If amendments do not come back by the deadline requested by the Design and Marketing Assistant, the Design and Marketing Assistant will ‘archive’ the work and update the spreadsheet accordingly. 

If a second round of amendments comes back, the Design and Marketing Assistant will endeavour to make these within the deadline, but liaise with the Marketing Manager and the project lead to manage expectations. 

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