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Relationships can be exciting, surprising, invigorating and life-affirming.

But they can also bring challenge and heartache.

Experiencing a break up, family problems, the loss of a loved one, trauma or facing a big life event can all affect how you feel about yourself. Feeling unable to deal with challenges in life can contribute to worsening mental health and issues like anxiety and depression. 

At TLC we believe that having a circle of positive relationships around you – which you can lean on when life gets tough – can help you feel stronger, happier and more able to cope.  

Our services are all focused on enabling people to create that circle of safe, healthy and happy relationships. 

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  • 22,000

    sessions of support delivered

  • 79%

    of adults reported improved emotional wellbeing

  • 92%

    found our services helpful

  • 91%

    found it easy to book in with us


One to one support with someone who will listen, not judge and help you work through difficult issues

Sex Therapy

Specialised support if you're having issues with your sex life

Workplace Counselling

Counselling within the workplace to help your employees prioritise their wellbeing


A service for adults going through a separation, to help you move forward amicably

Men's Programmes

Behaviour change support for men who are worried about their behaviour in relationships

Women's Programmes

Behaviour change support for women who are worried about their behaviour in relationships

What do the people we work with say?

"My sessions have helped me see things differently and cope better. I feel I've turned a corner, which has given me the confidence to take up volunteer work and start applying for jobs" - James, 51

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