Advice and Resources

We’d love to be the organisation to help you achieve safe, healthy and happy relationships.

But sometimes working with an organisation with more specialist skills is the best thing.

We sadly cannot offer any support during crisis points, and we are not available outside office hours unless you have an appointment.

In any emergency you must always ring 999.

But the below is to guide you through what other support is available outside of what TLC and emergency services can offer.

Domestic Abuse: Useful Resources

If you are looking for men's support, women's support, or more specialised LGBTQIA+ support outside of what we can offer you can find helpful resources.

UK Gov
Advice & guidance on domestic abuse

UK Gov
Advice & support for if you don’t have settled status in the UK


Universal Credit
Job centre and claims for those experiencing domestic abuse

 Citizens Advice
If you have been bullied or pressurised into taking out loans or credit in your name

Wherever you are in the UK, you can contact the national domestic violence helpline.

Other organisations that can help:

Women’s Aid




End The Fear (Greater Manchester only)

Wherever you are in the UK, you can contact the Men’s Advice Line.

If you are concerned about your behaviour, but don’t feel ready to book an appointment with us, you can contact Respect via email, phone or web chat.

If you are worried about the behaviour of somebody you know, you are also welcome to contact Respect.

You may be a partner, ex-partner, friend, family member or frontline worker who has concerns. You will be offered information, support and advice.

Visit Respect’s website

If you are a member of the LGBTQ community and would like support, information and advice, please contact Galop.

Counselling: Useful Resources

If you are looking for resources to help your mental health, techniques to keep your emotions in check or organisations to support discovering your identity.

Crisis support for young people who feel suicidal or if you’re concerned about a young person

General support & advice for young people

Age Uk
Befriending services to reduce loneliness


Hope Again
Bereavement support for young people

Bereavement support and care for those who have lost someone they love

Greater Manchester Bereavement Service
Support for anyone in Greater Manchester that has been bereaved or affected by a death

Crisis support & support for those bereaved by suicide

Shining A Light on Suicide
A collection of resources and helplines to get you the advice and support you need.

Online Training
Helping people feel more confident talking to people about mental health and suicide


Please do contact us first, as our counsellors have a wide variety of specialisms. If we cannot help, a counsellor will be able to give you details of organisations that can offer what you need during your initial consultation.

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