Some of us are ambitious, some of us are driven, some of us are quite frankly, shattered. I have recently found myself in the position of wanting to achieve something, but almost missed it entirely when I got there.

I love phrases and sayings but I have recently had to work with ‘Comparison being the thief of joy’. I was too focussed on what other people were doing or achieving to really take the time to reflect on me and what I had achieved. Believe it or not, this isn’t a, ‘check out how great Lucy Keeling is’ blog post. But what it is instead, is the urge to tell you that if you’re wishing for something, if you’re working on achieving something, please make sure to ask yourself what does your success look like? That way when it’s standing right in front of you, you won’t miss it. 

"Please make sure to ask yourself what does your success look like? That way when it’s standing right in front of you, you won’t miss it. "
Lucy Keeling

You might be driven towards running your own empire, you might be driven towards getting the washing out on the line, you might long to be a published author, or you might be driven towards simply getting through the day. Whatever it is your wishing for, striving for, asking for, what would successfully completing that task look like? Maybe you can see yourself sat in your Executive Chair, a huge glass table in front of you and hundreds and thousands of employees? Maybe, it’s as simple as looking out of the window and seeing the washing out on the line. Maybe you want to see your book available online? Or maybe it’s just a case of getting through until bedtime.

So now then, you’ve made it. You’ve decided what you wanted and you can see it in front of you. What now? Freaking celebrate it, that’s what. Acknowledge it. Reward yourself. You got through the day? Excellent, get some sleep. You got the washing out? Amazing, make yourself a brew. Your book is available online? Great, go and get that celebratory cake. You run your own empire now? I have absolutely no context for knowing what an Empress would do to celebrate. Retire? We all need wins so go and get yours and only yours.

"So what if your win is big or small. It’s yours. You worked to get it. Well done."
Lucy Keeling

So what if your win is big or small. It’s yours. You worked to get it. Well done. Give yourself that pat on your back. If you start worrying about what your neighbours, peers, siblings, Steve from Primary School are achieving then you are robbing yourself of joy. If you start thinking about the next step, and side steps and any other steps, you can miss the win. So what does your next success look like? Mine is writing this blog. I’m shattered, there’s a lot going on right now and I just want to hide under a duvet and not appear for a little while, but I can visualise this blog post being finished. I am even going to type The End at the bottom, and when I do, I will know that I made it. Then I’m going to go and get myself a Digestive and a Brew to celebrate because I am a Rockstar like that.

 The End

See I did it. Brew and a biscuit for me. Well deserved. 

Lucy Keeling, newly published Author x


This is a featured guest blog, written by Lucy Keeling. She can be found on Twitter here.

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