There are all kinds of reasons why a young person might want a bit of extra help with whatever’s going on in their life.

They might be having problems at school or at home or be finding things difficult with a girlfriend or boyfriend.

It can be tough trying to sort out this kind of stuff by themselves. Talking to someone who isn’t involved is a good way of helping them figure out what they’d like to change.

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"87% of Children or Young People in our service felt less isolated"
- Our 2016 Client Feedback Report

What is Children and Young People’s Counselling?

Similarly to adult counselling, counselling for under 18's allows children and young people to discuss their issues in a supportive and confidential environment. Children and Young People will only see a counsellor who is specifically trained to counsel for their age group. This ensures the most appropriate support is being offered by a qualified and knowledgeable counsellor. 

Counselling can be incredibly beneficial to younger people as they can talk about their issues, separate from their parents, teachers and peers, without fear of judgement. It is a safe environment where they can talk through their feelings and begin to understand them better.

All our children and young people's counsellors are dedicated, friendly and experienced in supporting younger clients to feel at ease and supported, ensuring they feel comfortable attending counselling.

Please note: Due to Covid-19, we are delivering all sessions remotely. As such, we can work with young people aged 11+ remotely but if your child is 10 years old, please call us to discuss their individual circumstances and we will be able to give you more information.

What sort of issues can counselling help younger people with?

  • Bullying or difficult relationships with peers
  • Support in changing dynamics i.e. parents separating, moving to a new area, new birth of a sibling
  • Coping with school worries such as exam stress, pressure of studying, moving schools
  • Supporting them in developing better ways to communicate with others
  • Family issues such as a death in the family or parents fighting

What happens in a Counselling session?

When the child or young person comes to see a counsellor, they'll have a chance to talk about anything that’s on their mind. The counsellor won’t tell them what to do or talk down to them– they’ll just listen.

For younger clients, parental consent will be required in order for the child to attend counselling. However, anything that the child of young person says to their counsellor is entirely confidential and no information is shared with the parents, unless there are safeguarding or child protection concerns. This ensures the child has a supportive environment to discuss issues confidentially and that their safety is the priority.

Please note: The child or young person attending the counselling sessions is the client, not the parent or referral agency. Therefore, parents cannot be in the counselling room or provided with reports or information on progress, unless directly requested by the client. 

"92% of Children & Young People in our service felt less edgy or nervous"
- Our 2016 Client Feedback Report

Why choose us?

We understand that choosing to attend counselling can be a big decision to make for some people, so finding the right service is key. We are incredibly experienced, professional and reliable, but if you want to know more about us, our ethos and our experience, please read below.

About Us

What happens when you request an appointment?

The quickest way to book an appointment with us is through our online booking form, which is designed to refer on behalf of someone under 18.

A member of our team will then contact you within 2 working days, only at a time convenient for you, to offer you an initial appointment for your child. They may have some questions which can tell us more about them and what they need.

1. Initial Consultation
You will be offered an initial appointment within 10 days of contacting us, for your child to be seen by an experienced counsellor at one of our offices. This is a one-off appointment to learn more about them, their situation and their needs to enable us to offer them the right support.

2. Ongoing Sessions
Following your initial consultation, if they decide to have ongoing counselling with us, the reception team will be informed. We will look for an appointment to suit the requirements you provided and will contact you with an appointment to meet you requirements as soon as there is one available.

Please note: Due to Covid-19, we are delivering all sessions remotely. As such, we can work with young people aged 11+ remotely but if your child is 10 years old, please call us to discuss their individual circumstances and we will be able to give you more information.

When will an ongoing appointment be available?

How soon your child is able to have ongoing counselling with us will depend on a range of factors. The wider your availability in terms of days, times and locations, the sooner we will be able to book them in. However, if you have smaller windows of which they can attend, it may take longer to book them in.

If they are wanting to attend at a time which is fairly popular, they will be placed on a waiting list and contacted when the appointment becomes available.

We estimate that most clients work with us for between 4-6 sessions. Sometimes clients are finished sooner, however due to the nature of our work, we prioritise the emotional well being of our clients and provide them with additional sessions should they require them.

Your child can work with us for a short time or over the longer term. Our door is always open.

"74% of Children or Young People in our services had less thoughts or feelings that distressed them"
- Our 2016 Client Feedback Report

Cost of counselling

The average rate for a child's counselling appointment is £25. However, we aim to support everybody who comes to us for help and can offer reduced rates if you’re unable to afford the full price. Read more about how our pricing structure works here.


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