Superheros, Foam & More: Our KAPOW 2019 Fundraiser

In the early morning, on Sunday 6th October, hundreds of people woke up, stretched and got themselves down to Heaton

In the early morning, on Sunday 6th October, hundreds of people woke up, stretched and got themselves down to Heaton Park for KAPOW 2019.


Among them, were 40 runners who dedicated their time to fundraising and tackling the 5k obstacle course for our charity, what heroes!


We’re so happy to announce that they’ve raised an amazing £3,686 to support safe, healthy and happy relationships across Greater Manchester. The money will go towards a range of services, from supporting people affected by cancer to children who have experienced domestic abuse.


Here’s our story of the day…


10am: Team members, Paige and Cheryl were up bright and early to set up our TLC-stand, which braved the rain, ready to welcome our runners…




10.30am: Runners started rolling in, including TLC staff, friends, family, corporate partners and long-standing TLC supporters. There were people and children of all ages, sporting their athletic wear, capes, superhero outfits, orange hairspray and a lot of face-paint!


[Image x2]


Among them was a team from Shoosmiths Manchester, who have been strong supporters of our charity for a number of years. Shoosmiths have sponsored our large annual fundraisers two years in a row and continuously show dedication to TLC through a range of other activities and events.


On the Shoosmiths team, was Head of Family Law, Anita Shepherd who is a member of our Trustee Board. She was joined by fellow Trustee, Mike Gaskell – excellent runner and Chair of our Trustee Board.


Runners on the day also included our CEO, Michelle Hill, who as always… arrived in style, joined by her partner Alex, mini TLC fans Charlotte and Annabelle, her friends and family.


Other participants included TLC-supporters; Rachel Jebson from Temple Spa who has partnered with us on a range of fundraising activities, Sarah on behalf of Imprimo ID, many staff members and Banc – a marketing agency who partnered with us to offer their staff employee wellbeing benefits.


Before we knew it, we had a full team ready to go!




11.30am: The music began and runners were invited to a join a dance warm-up, before they tackled the inflatable obstacles all the way around the park!




1.00: After around 1-2 hours of being tried and tested, sliding, gliding, running, jumping, swinging and more, our heroes started to emerge through a huge foam-filled finish line. This was quite the party for all the children, who opted for running through the foam and mud again and again! It also proved to be a play-area for adults too…




Overall, we had an amazing day at Heaton park and loved spending time with those who are passionate about our mission and donated their time, energy and enthusiasm to supporting us. We want to say a big thank you to all our runners and all their donors for their fantastic contributions!




Feeling inspired to get involved? You’re in luck! We’re currently organising our 2020 calendar and we’re always looking to partner with people who believe in our mission and make these events a reality.

Whether you want to run through foam, climb a mountain, host your own TLC event, attend one of ours or get involved further by partnering with us like Shoosmiths or Banc – get in touch for a chat, we’d love to hear from you: [email protected].