Thinking of volunteering?

Here's what you can expect from your experience.

Here’s what you can expect from your experience.

Volunteers keep the machine running at TLC. We ensure volunteers gain valuable skills and experience to take them wherever they wish to go next.

Some of those that volunteer with us are looking to pick up knowledge they can use in their career development path. Others simply enjoy supporting people in need and giving back to the community. Several of our volunteers have been supported by TLC and have lived experience of problems we help tackle.

Whether you’ve been acquainted with us before or not, if you choose to volunteer for TLC, we’ll make sure you feel your time spent is worthwhile. All of our volunteers receive full training for their roles, which includes safeguarding if you work with vulnerable people. You don’t need prior experience. Volunteers also get one-to-one supervision and a personal development plan to guide you towards your goals.

Additional benefits include an up-to-date DBS check, support for any personal issues that arise as a result of your volunteering, and help transitioning into work if you wish to do so.

Some of our volunteers choose to work on their digital skills through administration roles, while others work hands-on with children and young people in youth groups and workshops. You can visit our volunteering page to see what’s currently available.

And you can find out what some of the recent volunteers in our Children and Young People’s department thought of their experience below…


I chose to volunteer to gain practical work experience and support my academic skills. The support I received at TLC encouraged me to challenge myself and explore different career aspirations. I now intend to become a research analyst in the field of domestic abuse, but I’ll definitely continue my volunteering journey alongside my studies. Before I began, I was concerned about how the work would impact my emotions, but my coordinator was always there to reassure me, which helped me feel relaxed and at ease. I’ve very much enjoyed learning from practitioners and putting my academic knowledge into practice.
Michelle, Sociology student
I’d been looking for a programme to involve myself in for some time, and when I came across TLC, I immediately felt our values aligned. A career change had been on my mind for years, and after a few months away from my last job, I considered pursuing a career working with young people or adults who had experienced abuse. When I began volunteering, everyone was so welcoming, and the staff provided me with insight into their roles, which has really helped me visualise where I see myself in the next few years. At first, I thought I might struggle in these kinds of environments, but by the second week I felt really at home and able to engage. I’ve definitely gained inspiration to retrain. I’d honestly just tell anyone considering volunteering to get stuck in and enjoy it, because if you’re seeking it out, then it’s probably for a very good reason, even if you’re not entirely sure what that reason is.
Alex, Jobseeker
I volunteered with TLC for personal and professional development. The team were very friendly, and I enjoyed meeting the families each week and being involved in their progression. I valued the support I had from the supervisors; they’ve provided me with great knowledge of the field and how support work is handled. I learned about referral processes and risk assessments, the impact of empathetic listening, and the wide range of difficult situations that exist within our community. The team are great and have really encouraged me to be more confident. I plan to continue volunteering with TLC where possible in the future!
Holly, Psychology and Psychotherapy student