We have now adapted all our services to be delivered digitally. Delivering our services to you is our number one priority and we fully intend to continue to do this, particularly in such a difficult and uncertain time.

Our approach & all information can be found on the link below. This will be updated regularly.

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Welcome to our online booking form. By submitting the information below, our team will be able to contact you with further information and our available appointments. 

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Please check you have read about us and our costs before booking in. 

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Our counselling hours are:

  • Manchester Office:
    Monday-Friday evenings
    Tuesday & Thursday mornings and afternoons

  • Stockport Office
    Monday - Thursday mornings, afternoons and evenings
    Friday - morning

  • Eccles Office
    Wednesday morning 10am-12pm


Counselling payments are calculated on an income-based scale, to accommodate your circumstances. Please ensure you've read our payment policy which can be found here.

Please Note: By requesting to book with us, you will be offered an appointment based on your requirements. All information provided is strictly confidential.

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