Domestic Abuse Resources

If you’re looking for support or guidance on domestic abuse, you’re in the right place.

We support men, women and young people with their behaviours and change this to have safer and healthier relationships.


Men’s Programmes

Women’s Programme

Young People’s Programmes


If you are concerned about your behaviour, but don’t feel ready to book an appointment with us, you can contact Respect via email, phone or web chat.

If you are worried about the behaviour of somebody you know, you are also welcome to contact Respect.

You may be a partner, ex-partner, friend, family member or frontline worker who has concerns. You will be offered information, support and advice.

Visit Respect’s website

Wherever you are in the UK, you can contact the national domestic violence helpline.

Other organisations that can help:

Women’s Aid




End The Fear (Greater Manchester only)

Saheli (Greater Manchester only)

Wherever you are in the UK, you can contact the Men’s Advice Line.

If you are a member of the LGBTQ community and would like support, information and advice, please contact Galop.

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