TLC launches ‘healthy schools’ partnership

We're excited to announce a new 'healthy schools' partnership programme with three schools in Salford.

We’re excited to announce a new ‘healthy schools’ partnership programme with three schools in Salford.

We’ll be providing emotional wellbeing support for young people and their parents at St. John’s C of E Primary School, Mossfield School, and Westwood Park Community Primary School.

The healthy schools partnership has been funded by NHS Salford ICP with support from Salford CVS. Our programme will include four key elements: counselling support, class workshops, coaching support, and parents’ workshops. We’ll be working with the schools until May 24th, and we’ll be providing additional guidance support and signposting resources during our time together.

We will provide counselling support for up to 20 children, with up to 10 sessions per child. The delivery of our sessions will be flexible in that children may engage with counsellors through talking but also have the option to engage in art therapy and therapeutic play. The aim of these sessions is to address common concerns among children such as school or home-related concerns, anger issues, and self-esteem and confidence issues. We will be emphasising the importance of building and maintaining healthy relationships with oneself and those within one’s circle of support.

Our class workshops will be fun and interactive whole-class sessions in which children can explore their thoughts and feelings. We’ll introduce self-regulation techniques such as ‘bubble breathing’ and encourage children to develop healthy ways to manage big feelings like worry and anger. We’ll also be showing teachers how they can integrate what we learn in the workshops into regular lessons, supporting the longevity of improved emotional wellbeing among classmates. The workshops will be delivered to years 1 through 6.

Our coaching support sessions will empower parents to improve their own wellbeing and better support the emotional wellbeing of their kids. We’ll be delivering up to 10 sessions for up to 10 parents in-person, online, or over the phone. Throughout these sessions, we’ll discuss what healthy child-parent relationships look like and emphasise the importance of helping children build circles of support. We’ll coach parents to identify obstacles in their relationships and create strategies to overcome them.

Our parents’ workshops will emphasise the importance of effective communication between parent and child. We understand that parenting is one of the hardest jobs on the planet, and we’ll be helping parents relieve some of their stress by providing them with tips and techniques to enrich relationships and build better emotional connections with their children. Our practitioners, as always, will ensure the workshop environment remains inclusive and non-judgemental. Workshops will be delivered at various times to encourage participation.

There will also be staff training workshops to ensure school employees can assist children and parents throughout their time working with TLC and beyond.

If you’re interested in accessing our counselling and emotional wellbeing services for your school, send an email to [email protected].