The Right Angle Pilot Programme Final Report

The Right Angle Final Project Report.     TLC: Talk, Listen, Change alongside our partners The

The Right Angle Final Project Report.



TLC: Talk, Listen, Change alongside our partners The Tutor Trust are delighted to shareThe Right Angle Final Project Report, demonstrating the positive impact on the lives of 200 young people in secondary schools.


Funded by the Department for Education between 2018 and 2020, The Right Angle supported young people in care or alternative provision throughout Greater Manchester. Emotional support was provided through counselling and academic support through tutoring. (Learn more here.)


Pupils received up to 12 hours of tutoring in English, Maths and Science and up to 10 hours of professional counselling support from our team at TLC.



A winning combination


The Right Angle set out to prove that young people in care or in alternative educational provision require extra support, combining therapeutic and academic input to help them reach their full potential. We are thrilled to see this supported by our data analysis. It was clear that pupils benefited greatly from being able to access tuition and confidential, therapeutic support in one package.


  • Pupils accessing both counselling and tuition were twice as likely to improve their GCSE grade.
  • On average those who had counselling and tuition attended 2.5 more tuition sessions than those who had tutoring alone.
  • Looked after Children showed the greatest difference in GCSE results when they engaged in tutoring and counselling.
  • 57% of pupils demonstrated a clinically significant improvement in emotional wellbeing.


TLC also completed analysis of counselling themes, which revealed the issues raised by young people. Most commonly, young people wanted help with:

  • Relationships with family, friends and partners
  • Emotional Wellbeing eg. stress, anger or frustration, self-care
  • Identity eg. confidence, sexuality or being in foster care
  • Mental health eg. anxiety and depression

Download the report: The Right Angle Final Project Report


Abigail Shapiro and Nick Bent, Co-Founders of Tutor Trust and Michelle Hill, Chief Executive of TLC said:
“We are delighted with the outcomes of this work. These interventions have supported disadvantaged young people to reach their full potential, and have helped them lead happier, healthier lives, confirming the project’s belief in the benefits of combining different forms of support.”


The pandemic has presented additional challenges for pupils and their schools, with many young people self-isolating, and schools suspending in-person teaching from time to time. Despite this, both TLC and the Tutor Trust have been able to adapt to ever-changing circumstances. The Tutor Trust now offers online tuition for individual pupils, and at TLC offer both telephone and video counselling.


Teachers from our partner schools appreciated the flexibility of our combined approach.


“Our students have benefited from the flexibility of the counsellor…. Students have engaged with this project even through lockdown”


“My cohort of young people valued the time and support for their mental health and this is turn made them more resilient to the demands of the curriculum”


Through funding provided by Porticus UK The Right Angle continues to work with vulnerable young people, supporting them to reach their full academic potential and lead healthy, happy lives.


Download the report: The Right Angle Final Project Report