Partner Support

Tailored, individual support for the partners and ex-partners of people on our programmes.

Tailored, individual support for the partners and ex-partners of people on our programmes.

Changing behaviour in a relationship affects everyone involved.

If your partner or ex-partner is on one of our programmes, you may be worried about the impact on you. Based on your previous experience of your partner’s behaviour, you may also have concerns that our work might make things worse.

When we deliver our programmes for perpetrators, we always provide a Partner Support Service. Our team will work alongside you in a safe, caring, and sensitive way to understand your experiences and listen to what you need.

The support we provide for you will work in tandem with the programme your partner or ex-partner is on. This means our workers will be closely coordinated and will communicate regularly about risk to ensure that nothing we do jeapordises your safety.


The safety of partners / ex-partners and children is always our top priority. Without fail.


How does it work?

Once your partner or ex-partner joins one of our programmes, we will get in touch to tell you.

We will offer you one-to-one support with a professional support worker for the time that your partner or ex-partner is on the programme and for up to six months after.

We will also offer support to any children involved, which you can learn more about here.

This support will always be offered, but it entirely up to you if you choose to use our services.


What do we offer?

Experiencing domestic abuse can affect people in different ways. Everyone’s situation is unique and because of this, our service is person-led, which means we work alongside you based on how you are feeling and what you would like support with. 

This service can help you to process what you’ve been through, put yourself first and when you’re ready, start to move on. We will update you on the programme that your partner or ex-partner is on and answer any questions you have about this. 

We can also help with both emotional and practical things like: 

  • Prioritising your and your children’s wellbeing and safety 
  • Supporting you through any setbacks  
  • Making sense of your experiences and giving you space to talk in a safe environment 
  • Listening to your feelings, concerns and fears and helping you work through this 
  • Thinking about the future and making choices that improve things for you 
  • Giving information and advice on things like housing, immigration, law and counselling
I am in a different place than before. I am in a better place and a safe place as are, most importantly, my children. I will always remember your kindness and patience.
Cassie - partner of programme participant

We support the partners and ex-partners of anyone on our behaviour change programmes. 

If your partner / ex-partner has recently started one of our programmes and you have not heard from us, please do get in touch. 



Unfortunately not at this time.

Wherever you are in the UK, you can contact the national domestic violence helpline.

Other organisations that can help:

Women’s Aid


End The Fear (Greater Manchester only)

Saheli (Greater Manchester only)

Nobody will know you are coming to see us.

Your participation in support, and your information, would be treated as confidential except in circumstances where it becomes clear there is a risk to you or to others. In this case it would be shared with the appropriate individual or organisation.

Can we help?

If your partner, or ex-partner is on one of our programmes, you can contact us and / or see us for support at any time.

Contact us

0808 2000 247

If you need help now, please contact the Domestic Violence Helpline. Freephone 24 hours, Live Chat open Mon-Fri 3-10pm.

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