A Child

You can contact us whether you are a child or young person or if you are a parent or carer.

  • Children and young people's counselling

    There are all kinds of reasons why a young person might want a bit of extra help with whatever’s going on in their life.

    They might be having problems at school or at home or be finding things difficult with a girlfriend or boyfriend.

    It can be tough trying to sort out this kind of stuff by themselves. Talking to someone who isn’t involved is a good way of helping them figure out what they’d like to change.

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  • Family counselling

    It’s great to be part of a family, but there can also be challenges too.

    If your family is finding things difficult at the moment, you can talk to a counsellor about what’s going on.

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  • Child consultation through family mediation

    When separated parents are attending Family Mediation with us we are able to invite the child or children to meet with the Mediator to talk about their wishes and feelings. Research shows that children greatly benefit from having a voice throughout separation and this process allows that.

    Child Consultation can only go ahead following a discussion with, and signed permission from parents. We then write to the child or children and invite them to attend with a mediator, if they wish. This process does not put the decision making in the hands of the child and it is not a form of therapy. The aim is to involve the child and give them a safe space to be open and honest about their feelings and views.

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