Safe in Salford

We are proud to be a Safe in Salford partner, delivering behaviour change programmes and support for children and young people.

We are proud to be a Safe in Salford partner, delivering behaviour change programmes and support for children and young people.

Safe in Salford is for all adults, children and young people living in Salford who are affected by domestic abuse.

It is a collection of information and support services – here to help you make the right choices for you.

Safe in Salford website

Who are Safe in Salford?

Safe in Salford is made up of four local charities:

  • Salford Foundation
  • Trafford Domestic Abuse Services (TDAS)
  • TLC: Talk, Listen, Change (we deliver the Behaviour Change work and support
  • Pankhurst Trust

Together we have over 140 years’ experience of delivering services to the people of Salford and the surrounding boroughs. This includes working with those impacted by, and those perpetrating, domestic abuse.

For those who identify as male and heterosexual. You will work through a combination of one-to-one and group sessions, spending time reflecting on your behaviour and the reasons behind it. Your Worker will not judge you, but will help you understand yourself and your relationships better through a process of enquiry, constructive challenge and growth.

The programme comprises: 

  • Up to 10 individual 1 hour sessions with a practitioner  
  • 30 group sessions, where you will work alongside other men who are also on the programme 

These take place each week, so on average each person works with us for around 40 weeks. 

We work hard to make sure our programmes are accessible, and to do this we work with each individual to shape our delivery around them. We deliver programmes for those who identify as LGBTQ+, those who do not have English as a first language, those who identify as female and many other groups who often experience challenges to accessing support services.

We’re here for you if you’re concerned that you might be hurting, scaring or controlling your partner. Or if you’re worried you are struggling to control your feelings and actions.

Our team are caring, non-judgemental and will work with you to help you develop healthy relationships.

We run a relapse prevention group for everyone who has completed our programmes. We understand that maintaining change is hard, and there is no judgement for anyone who wishes to come back and refresh or rebuild their confidence to move forward in a non-violent way.

Does it really work?

"Being able to talk things through with someone who isn't critical of you - and isn't judging - meant that I was able to realise myself that my behaviour was wrong and so I think in that way, that made me take responsibility." Sajid, 32, programme participant

Men’s Behaviour Change Programme

For young people displaying signs of / using abuse in their relationships, TLC offer:

For young people who have witnessed or experienced domestic abuse, our partners Trafford Domestic Abuse Services (TDAS) offer:

  • Young Person’s Violence Advocate (YPVA) service
  • Children and Families Support Workers
  • Access to a range of peer support groups.

Do you need support from Safe in Salford?

You can find additional details, as well as a booking form to contact the central Safe in Salford team.

Safe in Salford Webpage

Individual Programme

Behaviour change support for men who identify as LGBTQ+ or speak English as a second language