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Supporting people who are recovering from drug and alcohol misuse. Closed:

Supporting people who are recovering from drug and alcohol misuse.

We believe in supporting people at any point in their lives but know from experience that those who are going through specific issues, or trying to make changes really benefit from counselling. 

That is why we partnered with the Achieve Recovery Asset Fund to deliver free counselling sessions to people who are recovering from substance misuse in Salford and Trafford. 


What can counselling help with?

Counselling is a talking therapy which aims to help people on their recovery journey with issues they may be facing which restrict their progress.  

It is also available to the families of people in recovery, which allows any relationship issues to be addressed, supports those affected and prioritises the person’s recovery. 

Counselling provides a safe space where somebody will listen, offer support and will not judge. As well as supporting people with issues caused by substance misuse, counselling can also help with things like: 

  • Mental health such as depression, anxiety or stress 
  • Issues with current or former relationships 
  • Concerns involving friends or family 
  • Adapting to life changes 
  • Issues with health and wellbeing 
  • Work related stress 
  • Issues relating to identity 


What kind of counselling do we do?

Most of our Counsellors are Integrative Therapists. This means that whilst our Counsellors draw from many different approaches including; systemic, psychodynamic, person-centred, CBT and much more, they approach each individual as a whole person and adapt their approach accordingly. 

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