Family Counselling

Family counselling is designed to resolve conflict and improve both communication and functioning of a family.

Family counselling is designed to resolve conflict and improve both communication and functioning of a family.

The term ‘family’ can mean different things to different people, and family takes many forms.

Family can be wonderful and colourful – but it can also be complex.


It is completely normal for issues to come up.
Where there are disagreements, although difficult, it can help to talk things through.


How can family counselling help?

Family counselling gives you and members of your family a safe and confidential place to talk through what’s going on, with a trained counsellor who will not judge you.

Our goal is to make sure everyone involved feels they have a voice and can see other points of view. Your counsellor will then support you to resolve conflict and move forward together.


People come to family counselling for various reasons, including:

  • Resolving arguments between parents or siblings
  • Working through grief and loss
  • Following an affair
  • Improving open communication between family members
  • Life changes such as separations, new births, children moving out or financial difficulties
  • Issues around belonging and identity such as adoption, fostering and navigating the social care system
  • Issues around discrimination for example; sex, gender, sexuality, race or religion

We offer family counselling to adults (aged 18+) and we welcome any number of family members, with any type of relationship. 

If you are having issues with other members of your family but they do not wish to attend family counselling with you, we can still offer you support through individual counselling. 

Your first session is an assessment. The counsellor will get to know everyone who attends, learn more about the situation and explain the process, answering any questions you have.

If your family and the counsellor feel that counselling could help, you’ll be offered ongoing sessions in the same day and time slot each week, with the same counsellor.

Within these sessions you will explore the conflict or issues in more detail and work with the counsellor to resolve them in a way that works for everyone.

Most of our counsellors are Integrative Therapists and our family counsellors have additional training and/or qualifications in family therapy.

All counsellors have to complete a set number of hours of additional training and development, every year, to ensure they are up to date with the latest practices.

We ask that you pay for your sessions based on your income.

You can read about our costs here.


Unfortunately we are unable to take on any additional family counselling clients at the moment. Maybe individual counselling sessions may be helpful while waiting for a family counsellor to become available.

Individual counselling

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