Couple Counselling

Work together to improve your relationship.

Work together to improve your relationship.

Our relationships are important to us and can play a big part in making us feel happy, but they also can affect us negatively if we’re having a tough time.


It’s normal for couples to disagree, struggle to communicate and go through rough patches.

When this happens, talking it through can really help. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together a few months, or fifty years, most couples could benefit from counselling at some point.

You also don’t have to wait until it feels like things are at breaking point to get help – we support a lot of couples who are happy but want to get to know each other better and work through challenges together.


What is couples counselling and how can it help?

Couples counselling will give you a safe space to be heard and understand each other’s point of view. The counsellor will make sure you each feel supported and help you have a balanced discussion about what you’re going through.


We see a variety of couples, at different points in their relationship.

Couples counselling may particularly help if:

  • You feel you keep having the same arguments again and again
  • Somebody has had an affair, or cheated in the relationship
  • One or both of you feel you don’t trust the other, or struggle to tell them how you’re feeling
  • One or both of you is coping with the loss of a loved one
  • You’re going through changes together, like moving house, changing jobs, your children moving out or you’re having financial difficulties
  • You’re starting or expanding your family including pregnancy, miscarriages, IVF and adoption
  • There are differences in your needs or expectations, such as attachment styles, love languages and who’s responsible for what at home
  • You’re experiencing issues with your sex life, or struggle to talk about sex together
  • You or your partner has a chronic illness or is going through something health related


We were sceptical about it, and it sounds like a cliché but couple counselling actually transformed our relationship. It helped us both think differently, and we understand each other so much better now!
- Samir and Kirin, 48 and 50

Funded couple counselling available

If you are looking for relationship support, are on a low-income, and you live in Salford or Trafford, there is now free support available. Up to 10 sessions (per couple) are currently available to Salford and Trafford residents. Please mention this when booking to access.


Most of our counsellors are Integrative Therapists and our couples counsellors have additional training and/or qualifications in relationship therapy.

All counsellors have to complete a set number of hours of additional training and development, every year, to ensure they are up to date with the latest practices.

We offer couples counselling to anyone aged 18 and over. Any couple can come to counselling together, no matter how long you’ve been together or how you each identify.

We have practitioners experienced in supporting people who are neurodiverse, have disabilities and identify as LGBTQ+, or people of colour. Please let us know when booking if you would like to work with a practitioner with specific skills – we will always try to accommodate you.

Your initial session is an assessment. The counsellor will get to know more about you, your relationship and answer any questions you have.

If you, your partner and your counsellor decide that counselling feels right for you, you’ll be offered ongoing sessions which are at the same day and time each week, with the same counsellor.

Within these sessions you will explore what you’re going through in more detail and work with your counsellor to find solutions.

If violence or abuse is currently an issue in your relationship, it may not be possible to work on this safely within couples counselling.

If this is the case, we will support each of you to access individual support, either from TLC or another organisation.

If you are concerned about how you are behaving towards your partner, we have programmes that can support you to address this and begin to make changes.

We ask you to pay for your sessions based on your income.

You can read about our costs here.

(We currently have free couple counselling sessions available to Salford and Trafford residents on low-income.)

Experiencing issues with your sex life?

Sex therapy might be more appropriate for you and your partner.

Sex therapy

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