Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a confidential service designed to help you work through any issues you are facing so you can begin to enjoy sex again, whatever this looks like for you.

Sex therapy is a confidential service designed to help you work through any issues you are facing so you can begin to enjoy sex again, whatever this looks like for you.

Most of us will have an issue with sex at some point, whether that’s about our connection to our own bodies or having sex with other people.

We live in a world where you might think everyone but you is having great sex, and a lot of it. This simply isn’t true! Talking about problems with sex can be tough. and dealing with these worries and issues without any help can be frustrating.

Everybody’s sexual experiences, preferences and needs are unique and these are likely to change over time.


How can sex therapy help?

Some people find talking about sex a bit awkward at first, which is completely normal – you will be supported to be as comfortable as possible.

Sex therapy, also known as psychosexual therapy, can help with:

  • Having a different sex drive to your partner
  • Problems with erections or ejaculation
  • Issues with penetrative sex
  • Difficulties having an orgasm
  • A lack of enjoyment from sex
  • Feeling like you’re stuck in a routine and want to try something new
  • Health issues affecting sex
  • Life changes such as menopause and pregnancy affecting sex

You can attend sessions on your own, or with a partner and our service is inclusive of all genders and sexualities.

This lasts one hour and will give you the chance to discuss your situation and ask any questions you have.

If you’re in a relationship, we recommend bringing your partner. If the therapist feels sex therapy can help, you will be offered regular appointments.

Your next few appointments are a “history take”, which takes place over three sessions, lasting one hour each.

This history take helps you to explore your experiences and gives both you and the therapist a better understanding of what might be going on.

If you attend as a couple, you’ll have individual history take sessions.

You can attend these individually or as a couple, and they last one hour each.

They may be once a week or less regularly, but you will work this out with your therapist.

Within these sessions, your therapist will support and guide you to resolve your issues and will give you some exercises to try out in the privacy of your own home.

If you are having issues within your sex life, sex therapy can help you.

If you are unsure, feel free to call us to talk it through. Or, if you book an appointment, your therapist will go through this in the first session and if they feel sex therapy might not work for you, they will be able to suggest other services.

In sex therapy, you will be set tasks to do at home and there is quite an extensive assessment before you start.

The idea is that you are focusing on fairly specific behaviours, whereas counselling focuses more on talking about a variety of issues you may be facing.

Our sex therapists have all completed special training at postgraduate level to work with sexual issues.

Most of our sex therapists are also trained relationship therapists.

We ask that you pay for your sessions based on your income.

You can read about our costs here.

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