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Support for residents of Manchester who have experienced domestic abuse. Closed:

Support for residents of Manchester who have experienced domestic abuse.

Through the Manchester City Council Covid-19 Impact Fund, we are working with Manchester residents to provide 10 sessions of free counselling to those who have been affected by domestic abuse. 

This service is available for people living in Manchester and who have previous, current or potential involvement in situations of domestic abuse that have been worsened by Covid-19. 


How does counselling help?

Delivered online or via telephone, people can speak to a qualified counsellor who can support with issues they are going through. 

Counselling gives people time to speak to someone who will listen, offer support and will not judge them. It can also help people to: 

  • Have a safe space to share their feelings 
  • Process their experience of domestic abuse 
  • Increase resilience  
  • Prioritise themselves and focus on their own wellbeing and safety 
  • Start to think about what they might want for their future


What kind of counselling do we do?

Most of our Counsellors are Integrative Therapists. This means that whilst our Counsellors draw from many different approaches including; systemic, psychodynamic, person-centred, CBT and much more, they approach each individual as a whole person and adapt their approach accordingly. 

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