Make a Change

Change how you treat those you love.

Change how you treat those you love.

If you are struggling with anger, conflict or wanting to hurt a partner, Make a Change can help.

We’ll work alongside you to change how you behave in relationships.

Plus we will advise and guide your support network – friends, families, community and professionals – so everyone increases their understanding and pulls in the same direction.

In other words, Make a Change is based on a ‘whole community’ response to domestic abuse.


How does it work?

Working closely with Trafford Domestic Abuse Services (TDAS) we provide a range of one-to-one and groupwork sessions for participants.


If you refer yourself, or are connected with the programme, we will provide one-to-one support and group work which will help you to understand your behaviour in relationships and encourage you to make positive changes.

We will also offer support to current partners, ex-partners and children.


Make a Change is for people who are not working with any other statutory, family court or criminal justice services.

We also provide briefings and training to help organisations strengthen their response to domestic abuse.

Communities, family and friends

We can support you if you are concerned about the behaviour of a friend, family member, or someone in your community. Our team will provide you with information, guidance and advice.


I can’t undo 20 years of damage, I wish I had done it sooner. The programme was so much help.
Mark, Make a Change participant

Make a Change aims to:

  • Address abusive behaviour as early as possible
  • Empower communities to take action to address behaviours
  • Improve the safety and wellbeing of victims, survivors and children
  • Reduce the wider societal impact of domestic abuse

Make a Change has been developed by Respect in partnership with Women’s Aid

The service is completely free of charge to anyone in Trafford.

We always offer support to the partners, ex-partners and children of participants on all our behaviour change programmes.

We do this to make sure that everybody involved has access to the help they need and by coming on our programme, you will be asked for the details of people who have been affected by your behaviour.

They will be contacted separately and offered support. The support we offer them is voluntary – if they would rather not work with us, or are already receiving support from elsewhere, this will not affect the service you receive from us.

Yes. We can only offer Make a Change for those who live or work in Trafford. However we do offer a wide range of other domestic abuse services across multiple Greater Manchester locations.

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Accessing support for someone else

If you're a professional working with someone you think would benefit from our programme, you can refer them directly. Please note you must have their permission to do this.

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Individual's Programme

Behaviour change support for men who identify as LGBTQ+ or speak English as a second language


A programme for high risk, high harm perpetrators of domestic abuse