Women’s Behaviour Change Programme

Supporting women to address unsafe and unhealthy behaviours in intimate relationships.

Supporting women to address unsafe and unhealthy behaviours in intimate relationships.

Relationships are complicated and have their ups and downs, but they should never be harmful – physically, or emotionally.

If you are worried about your treatment of current or previous partners, we can help.


We run a programme specifically for women who are concerned about their behaviour in relationships.

If you join this programme, you will be supported to reflect and understand the root causes of any ‘unhealthy’ behaviours. You will begin to address any issues and learn how to change things.


The term “unhealthy behaviours” can mean different things for different people. More often than not, unhealthy behaviours include some or all of the following:

  • Extreme feelings of jealousy and taking this out on your partner
  • Struggling to manage your emotions, or your anger
  • Being controlling towards your partner, emotionally, financially or physically
  • Criticising your partner and putting them down, for example for things they do, say or wear
  • Behaviours like screaming, shouting, hitting, punching walls or throwing objects
  • Intimidating your partner, making them worried, scared or fearful for how you’ll behave or react

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This has been invaluable to me at a most difficult time in life. I really feel I am turning a corner.
Sarah, programme participant

Don’t feel it’s ever the wrong time to decide to change these patterns.

If you recognise any of this behaviour and would like to make positive changes in your life, we want to work with you.  

Please fill in the short form below, and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss the next steps and book your first appointment. 

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The programme is open to anybody who identifies as female and is concerned about their behaviour.

You can be single, or in a relationship. We are experienced in working with women in relationships with men and in LGBTQ+ relationships. 

You will be invited for an initial consultation with a member of our team, who will discuss the programme in more detail with you. If you join the programme, you will then work with a practitioner on a one-to-one basis, for one hour per week. 
On average, people work with us for 15-20 sessions. However, this is a rough guide and everybody is different.

Other than your current or previous partners (if you give permission for us to contact them), nobody will know you are attending the programme.

Your attendance, and your information, would be treated as confidential except in circumstances where your behaviour posed a risk to others. In this case it would be shared with the appropriate individual or organisation. 

For all our behaviour change programmes, we always offer support to the partners, ex-partners and children of anyone who attends.

We do this to make sure that everybody involved has access to the help they need and by coming on our programme, you will be asked for the details of people who have been affected by your behaviour.

They will be contacted separately and offered support. The support we offer them is voluntary – if they would rather not work with us, or are already receiving support from elsewhere, this will not affect the service you receive from us.

Contact Respect

Worried about your behaviour but not ready to book? Access advice and information from national domestic abuse charity Respect via phone, email or webchat.

Contact Respect

Accessing support for someone else

If you're a professional working with someone you think would benefit from our programme, you can refer them directly. Please note you must have their permission to do this.

Professional referrals