What we use your information for?

Your personal information can be collected and used for one or more of our services. This will depend on your relationship with us and what your contact with us is about.


We can use information about you to:

  • deliver services and support by ensuring other statutory or voluntary agencies who we work with, are able to deliver ‘joined up’ services to you
  • to ensure we are compliant with relevant UK laws
  • plan future services
  • manage and check the quality of our services
  • keep track of spending on services
  • ensure the health and safety of our staff
  • help investigate any concerns or complaints you have about our services and for answering enquiries
  • improve the general experience of our clients and visitors to our websites
  • manage any online transactions you may choose to make and marketing choices or preferences you may have expressed


We can also use the information:

  • if you apply for a job or become employed by us
  • for archive, research, or statistical purposes – including the research and evaluation we do ourselves or in combination with research partners